Woodball AGM approves Ugshs 1.6bn Budget as Kayongo Retains Presidential Status

The Uganda Woodball federation has today held its Annual General Assembly at their home in Nankulabye and approved a 2021 financial budget of over 1.6bn shillings as well as electing their new executive.

The well attended AGM, held on Saturday 30, January, 2021, discussed on a number of issues including what the sport managed to achieve in the challenge Year of 2020 that was almost fully covered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the achievements is the increment of participants playing woodball in Uganda in different categories, the juniors, seniors and corporate, the challenges executive presented to the AGM is the outbreak of covid that affected their activity calendar and they only managed to achieve 25% of the 48 events scheduled in the calender Year of 2020.

Basing on what the Executive committee presented to AGM and what they are proposing to achieve in the next financial year, the delegates accepted to approve the 1,608,056,172/- projected budget.

Compared to 2020 proposed budget, this year’s budget increased by over 600M shillings, though the actual amount they received was less than 200M (187,283,000/- to be specific).

The budget was proposed to Carter for a number of activities and events and according to the calender Year, 2021, the federation shall engage in at least eight international events, including the 25th Taiwan Open International wood ball championship to be held in November, the 9th World Cup woodball championship 2020 that is to be held in late July 2021 in Malaysia.

Before switching to election moment, the Chief guest, and the Chairman National Council of Sports, Donald Rukare appreciated the federation for being organized and peaceful, Rukare also thanked the Paul Mark Kayongo’s executive for being accountable to its sarbodinates.

“Holding an AGM for any federation is a great milestone in good governance in sports. It’s good to be accountable to your delegates. I also thank you for hosting an organised and peaceful event.” Don Rukare said before setting off.

Paul Mark Kayongo swearing in as the elected Uganda Woodball federation president for the next five years.

In the elective Assembly held today, Paul Mark Kayongo the federation’s head and his executive members retained their positions to lead the sport for the next five years after facing no opposition in their positions.

The federation’s Electoral Commission chairman, Wagogo George, with the powers entrusted to him, he announced all the candidates winners and immediately took the oath.

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