USSSA Fresh Dairy Games hockey championship hits semi-final stage

Fresh Dairy USSSA Games 2024 (Hockey)

Girls’ semi-finals (3rd May 2024)

Bweranyangi Girls Vs Sacred Heart Mushanga (9 am)

Kakungulu Memorial Vs Namagunga (9 am)


Kakungulu Memorial Vs Mbarara High (11 am)

Kyadondo SS Vs Ntare School (11 am)

The semi-finals of the 2024 Fresh Dairy USSSA Games hockey championship has hit the semi-final stage.

Bweranyangi Girls, Sacred Heart Mushanga, Kakungulu Memorial and Namagunga are this year’s girls semi finalists.

Whilst Kakungulu Memorial, Mbarara High, Kyadondo SS and Ntare School are the boys teams in semis.

The semi-finals will take place on Friday, 3rd  May at the Ndejje SS Cricket grounds.

Bweranyangi Girls will battle Sacred Heart Mushanga on one field as Kakungulu Memorial shall face Namagunga on the other in the very first two semi-final stage games.

Kakungulu Memorial will lock horns with Mbarara High at 11 am whilst Kyadondo SS will face off with Ntare School at the same time.

Meanwhile, there will be classification games to decide the 5th to 7th places earlier in the morning.

Namilyango College and Buddo SS play as early as 8 AM as well as SMACK and Naalya SS.

Day 5 (Quarter final Results):

Kakungulu Memorial School 2 -0 Namilyango Secondary School

Mbarara High 2-1 Kings College Buddo

Kyadondo 3-2 St. Mary’s College Kisubi

Ntare School 2-0 Naalya SS

Classification (11th/12th) – Boys: Busoga College Mwiri 0-1 St Charles Lwanga Kasasa

Classification (7th/8th) – Girls: Kyadondo SS 1-3 St Charles Lwanga Kasasa

Sacred Heart Mushanga 0- 1 Seeta

St. Charles Lwanga SS Kasasa 3- I Kyadondo Secondary School

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