Philanthropism: UPSSA president Bwambale donates 62 balls to Bika Netball championship

William Bwambale the Uganda Primary Schools Sports Association chairman boosted Bika Netball championship with 62 balls to be given away to participating team.

Bwambale who was in company with Jocelyn Ucanda the chairperson NIC Netball team handed over the ball and refreshments to Buganda minister for Youth, Sports and Arts Ssalongo Robert Sserwanga at St. Lawrence University in Mengo.

This was during the 50th Bika Netball championship edition opener on Saturday, the 20th April 2024.

Bwambala promised to always render support to Buganda since its where his journey started from,

“Before going anywhere I had to give back to Buganda since its where my journey started from. Today I am back home to appreciate the support they rendered to me as I continue to acquire success.

The blessings I went with are still lighting my way and I will always cherish and celebrate every step Buganda takes”.

This year’s Bika Netball championship attracted 24 teams, the highest turn up recorded in the last ten editions.


Saturday 20th April Results

Ngoonge 42-26 Musu

Mbogo 29-20 Mamba Kakoboza

Lugave 39-09 Ndiga

Ngeye 34-06  Nvuma

Mpindi 00-69 Njovu

Butiko 22-25 Nkima

Mpeewo 7-38 Mamba Namakaka


Sunday 21st April Bika Byabaganda Netball Fixtures

Ntalaganya Vs Ngabi Nsamba

Mbogo Vs Nte

Kkobe Vs Njovu

Mbwa Vs Nkima

Ngeye Vs Ffumbe

Omutima Omusagi Vs Ngeye/ Ffumbe

Lugave Vs Ngoonge

Nsenene Vs Mamba Namakaka

Ngo Vs Kkobe/Njovu

Nnyonyi Nyange Vs Ntalaganya/Ngabi Nsamba

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