“Ours is ours but mine is mine”, Owek. Ssekabembe implores Baganda to attend Bika finals in numbers

The Minister for Sports, Youth and recreation in Buganda Kingdom Owek. Henry Ssekabembe Kiberu calls upon all Baganda to come in numbers and grace Bika football competition final.

“As we congratulate you for a successful end of Masaza Cup season, it’s the right time to remind you that we first became Baganda to belong to respective counties.

“It’s our responsibility as grandsons and daughters of Nambi and Kintu to know that Buganda’s back bone is the clans (Bika). Our clans reflect who we are right from origin, norms and the rich culture we hail from.

As we came in numbers for Masaza Cup final, we have an obligation to double the figure and fill Wankulukuku for the most valued tournament which reflects much more about us.

As the saying “ours is ours but mine is mine” goes, this should start right from the clan chiefs to family levels in oneness as Baganda to embrace this year’s finals.

Let drop the hearsay “Bika football competition collapsed”, it’s our noble responsibility to revive the glory of what belongs to us and you turn up will speak volumes for the future”. Owek. Henry Ssekabembe Kiberu.

This edition’s (2022) Final will be played this Saturday, 11th March at Muteesa II Stadium in Wankulukuku.

Ndiga and Lugave will face off in football as Ngeye will tussle it out with Mamba Gabunga in the netball final.

Lugave clan eliminated Kkobe 4 -2 on aggregate in the two legged semi-final while Ndiga proceeded to final on aggregate 5-3 against Ffumbe.

Meanwhile, the third place playoff see Kkobe and Ffumbe lock horns on the same day, earlier before the final.

In Netball, Ngeye meet  Mamba Gabunga in the Final as the two sides will fight for glory.

Lugave and Nyonyi Nyange will lock horns in the third place playoff.

Football winners will smile home with UGUGX. 9,000,000, runners up UGX. 7,000,000 and third place team will walk home with UGX. 4,000,000.

The netball champions shall get 7,000,000, runners up UGX. 5,000,000 and the third team will take UGX. 3,000,000.

This season’s top scorer and MVP shall be awarded with UGX. 300,000 each.


1950: Mbogo

1951: Ngabi Nsamba

1952: Mmamba Gabunga

1953: Not Held

1954: Not Held

1955: Kkobe

1956: Mmamba Gabunga

1957: Nyonyi Nyange

1958: Ngeye

1959: Mmamba Gabunga

1960: Ffumbe

1961: Bbalangira and Kkobe

1962: Nkima

1963: Not Held

1964: Mmamba Gabunga

1965: Mmamba Gabunga

1987: Ngabi Nsamba

1988: Lugave

1989: Mmamba Gabunga

1990: Lugave

1991: Ngeye

1992: Ngeye

1993: Nkima

1994: Mmamba Gabunga

1995: Lugave

1996: Mpindi

1997: Nnyonyi Nyange

1998: Lugave

1999: Lugave

2000: Mpologoma

2001: Ngo

2002: Mpologoma

2003: Mmamba Gabunga

2004: Lugave

2005: Ffumbe

2006: Mpindi

2007: Ngabi Nsamba/Mpindi

2008: Kkobe

2009: Ffumbe

2010: Nte

2011: Mmamba Gabunga

2012: Ngeye

2013: Ngabi Nsamba

2014: Mmamba Gabunga

2015: Mbogo

2016: Nte

2017: Nte

2018: Nkima

2019: Mbogo

2020: Not Held

2021: Not Held

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