We Want to meet President Museveni As soon As Yesterday, Federation Heads


On Thursday 10th December 2020, over 30 federation heads, met at Kati Kati Restaurant Lugogo and create an Association that brings them together to fight for a noble cause towards sports develop in the country.

Today, the interim committee of ten members that was instituted on Thursday, held a press conference at the same venue to officially unveil the association and its ambitions.

The committee that is under the chairmanship of Uganda Boxing Federation head, Moses Muhangi revealed the reason as to why they came out to speak for their own.

Federation heads when they met on Thursday at Kati Kati restaurant Lugogo on Thursday

Many of you and others have been wondering and requesting us as sports leaders to come together to advocate and solicit better support for the development of Ugandan sports.” Muhangi speaking about their coming together.

The federation heads believe that the regulatory Authorities like National Council of Sports, UOC and Ministry are doing tremendous work towards the development but there is something lacking and they (Federations) come out to supplement and speak for themselves.

We finally came together majorly to speak for ourselves and by ourselves.

We totally agree with many of you that this has indeed been long overdue for sports sector, seeing that other groups of people are already organised into proper associations of their own. Like Musicians, Salon owners, Doctors and the likes, so we saw that we can also have our own and meet the President, it’s we with the majority youths but we have been totally left out.” Muhangi explaining.

The Association chairman, Moses Muhangi highlighted on why they need to meet the president as soon as yesterday.

We need to meet the president of Uganda as sports leaders in Uganda, this has been long overdue and as you all aware all challenges we face rotates around that man, be it priority and none priority sports you hear voices, saying its President directive, so we request to meet him such that we can be able to tell him what really affecting the sport industry.

The other critical issue is the directives on SOPs, they are very stringent on us that’s why most us are not yet back, so we want him to relax on them and even fund us to see that we meet them and resume.

Rumors have been circulating that NCS is against the idea and these association heads were labeled rebels but Muhangi cleared the air that they are not but trying to supplement on the great job the Council is doing.

We are not rebels, we are not going to do this alone, like I earlier said, we going to move together with NCS, UOC, Ministry and we going to meet all of them. We want to add our voice to theirs.

In the same line, Rollball president and also a member on the interim committee, Thomas Bamutenze said that the bread from NCS is very small for all federations, so they need to pave themselves others ways of helping the industry.

Rollball President, Thomas Bamutenze (R) with Moses Muhangi (interim chairman of the association).

We need people to quote us well, we are not against our regulators but we want to supplement.

Surely the bread coming from Council is very small to all of us and we see that there is where we can help our members, there are government programs out of our ministry but beneficiary to our members, like Operation wealth creation, Emyoga, we believe if we get together, we can lobby for the industry and our members benefit. I repeat we are not defiant to our regulators.” Thomas Bamutenze, supplementing.

The full committee

Chairman: Moses Muhangi (Boxing)

Secretary General: Jjagwe Robert (Table Tennis).

Other members

Eng Mwaka Emmanuel(Chess), Ms Harriet Ayaa (Gymnastics), Assimwe Richard Mcbond (Archery), Thomas Bamutenze, Stanley Tamale, (Hockey), Annet Kisomose (Netball), Mwebesa Harry (Kickboxing).


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