USSSA assembly sees quick passage of all proposed changes to constitution, new adjustments in rules of games adopted

Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Associations (USSSA) general assembly passed all the proposed amendments and also introduced new articles in their constitution.

The most popular proposal was the introduction of Article 32 which turned USSSA into a limited company by guarantee.

The article was adopted for the sake of being a legal person. The passed article means USSSA shall register a company limited by guarantee without any share capital with registrar of companies.

Under this situation, the statutes of USSSA are the memorandum and articles of association of the company limited by guarantee and shall be called USSSA LIMITED.

The directors of the incorporated company shall always be the elected persons occupying the position of the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and 3rd Vice President.

Article 30 which proposes for the adoption of a secretariat in the USSSA structure is among the new additions.

After its adoption, the Secretariat shall from now carry out all the administrative work of USSSA under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer. The members of the General Secretariat are bound by the internal organizational regulations of the Association and shall fulfill the given tasks in good faith and commitment.

The secretariat of the organization whose function shall be to keep the permanent Headquarters of the organization, keep records of membership at the various levels, co-ordinate and facilitate the activities of the various organs of the organization. In particular, to provide a supporting role under the watch of the executive/directors shall be situated at Old Kampala.

Following USSSA expanded wings, the assembly also agreed to introduce article 2 clause C to cement the company/Association’s affiliation to international bodies as follow.

C) The Association shall be affiliated to International Schools Sports Federation (ISF), Federation of Africa Schools Sports (FASS) and Federation of East Africa Secondary Schools Sports Association (FEASSSA), and any other sporting bodies as shall be decided by the General Assembly from time to time.

The other introduced article was 13 were the geographical regions change to political set up referred to as zones as stated below.

A) Districts geographically situated in the same Political area referred to as a zone as here in defined, may form an Association therein called a Zonal Secondary Schools Sports Association (ZSSSA) which will be recognized by USSSA. The following districts and other political creation from them will constitute the zones.

C) i). The Chairperson and Treasurer of the Zonal Association must be either a Headteacher of a Registered Secondary School or a Director of a recognized Private Secondary School. Such a Director must have professional qualifications as a Secondary School Teacher at Education Officer Level ii) The secretary must be a registered and practicing Teacher.

For amendments and introduced articles, see full document below.


The assembly also adjusted on the rules to cater for the lost year. This adjustment will see all students U-21 feature in the games instead of U-20. The adjustment will accommodate all students born before September 2000.


“We missed two consecutive years without games. The assembly agreed on this to adjust our rules to accommodate all students who are currently a year ahead to avoid a situation where students are in school and ineligible to participate in school activities. And this confirms we shall play U-21 this year”, said Okanya.

At the same assembly, an activity report was also released and Ball Games I (Fresh Diary Secondary School games) and Copa Coca-cola Championship are scheduled for April in Northern Region.

Fresh Diary Secondary Schools Games will start on 16th to 26th April in Gulu while Copa Coca-cola will kick off on 16th to 30th April in Arua.

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