New curriculum to give learners more time to play sports- USSSA President Justus Mugisha


By Christine Nampeera
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The Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association (USSSA) president Justus Mugisha lauded the newly introduced Ministry of Education and Sports curriculum asserting that it is to give students more time for sports.

While addressing the media at GNS Hotel on Thursday, 1st January 2023, Mugisha emphasised that every child in school has a right to play and the new curriculum enforces it.

“Every child has a right to play and in the new curriculum where skilling is emphasised, sports skills for each child in school shall be easily imparted.

A child can get at least one hour daily to play any sport in the new learning set up”. Mugisha.

In his address, Mugisha revealed that USSSA has gradually started an advocacy for artificial turfs to be subsidised as other scholastic materials to enable schools have more durable modern sports facilities.
“As USSSA, we have started to gradually advocate for tax subsidies on artificial turfs for schools in football.
Artificial turfs are easy to maintain than the natural grass.
We advocate for at least 15 sports facilities for a school. This should be a requirement for licensing by the Ministry”.

To create more playing time for students, the association is advocating for each school to start sports clubs and leagues in schools to internally compete throughout the year.

USSSA is also on a move to limit the number of foreign players on a team playing on a court at the same time to give chance to more local players.

To avoid the long lived controversy of the players movement from one school to another, USSSA new regulation demands a release letter from the movers’ former school head teacher before status is changed on the USSSA online player registration portal.

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