Masaza Cup: Ssingo reappoint Simon Dungu as head coach

Simon Dungu aka Dunga is reappointed as Ssingo head coach ahead of 2024 Masaza Cup tournament season.

This will become Dungu’s  third year at Ssingo since his very first in 2022 when he led them to semi finals and quarter finals in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

On his reappointment, Dunga’s immediate task is winning this year’s crown as Ssingo looks forward to adding a third trophy to their cabin.

Ssingo are two time champions having won their first in 2015 and clinched the second in 2018.

Dunga won the Masaza Cup championship with Gomba in 2017 as the head coach.

He was also part of Mawokota’s technical team that clinched the 2013 championship under head coach Edward Golola.

He (Dungu) previous  coached Mawogola and Busiro in the same tournament. He also worked at KJT and Nkozi University.

His recent achievements were visible in guiding  Kiyinda Boys to the FUFA Big League in the 2022/23 season.

This year’s Masaza Cup tournament edition is expected to kick off on 22nd  June.

Previous Winners:

2023 – Bulemeezi

2022 – Busiro

2021 – Buddu

2020 – Gomba

2019 – Bulemeezi

2018 – Ssingo

2017 – Gomba

2016 – Buddu

2015 – Singo

2014 – Gomba

2013 – Mawokota

2012– Bulemeezi

2011– Buluri

2010– Not Held

2009– Gomba

2008– Kyadondo

2007– Mawokota

2006– Kooki

2005- Mawokota

2004- Gomba

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