FWSL: Clubs set to boycott the league over Fufa’s irregularities

Nine clubs out of the 10 in the FUFA Womens Super League are set to boycott games for the 2022/23 season until FUFA agrees on holding talks with the Club owners and Administrators.

This was announced on Thursday September 29th at a presser held by the Club Owners and Administrators.

The decision comes after the governing body of Ugandan football switched the kick-off time for the Women’s Super League from 4 pm to 10 am last week.

However, Fufa’s decision didn’t rub well with the club owners and they decided to go against it as a result.

Protests arose instantly from the numerous stakeholders, through petitions that fell on deaf ears as FUFA remained committed to its verdict.

The two parties held a meeting on Wednesday which generated no positives and the club owners said that they were disrespected at the FUFA headquarters in Mengo, stimulating them to resort to boycotting the games.

“The meeting yielded nothing and FUFA acted with a lot of disrespect to the FUFA Women’s Super League Clubs.”

“The petition was not discussed and instead members were given copies of the FUFA Women’s Super League fixtures, showing all games will be played at 10 am,” The Club owners agreed in a press conference.

Kick-off time disagreement

The disagreement on kick-off time is just the tip of the iceberg, as the Clubs also have a backlog of grievances against FUFA, mainly stemming from the body’s failure to consult them when putting together developments.

In regards to the kick-off time, the Clubs submitted the following as reasons to challenge the decision;

  • The shift in time will increase the costs incurred by clubs on match days which include traveling expenses and accommodation as teams will have to travel two days earlier for games upcountry.
  • Clubs won’t displace their religious values because of football. Religions like Christianity forbid playing football matches at 10 am and supplanting Church services on Sunday for the born-agains and Saturday for the Adventists.
  • The shift in time disintegrates the Clubs’ source of revenue through gate collections since the targeted football fans are either working on Saturday morning or at Church on Sunday morning and won’t turn up for the matches.
  • Up to 70% of the teams in the League are school affiliated and the shift in kick-off time will cause friction with the school/institution programs like morning classes, revision sessions, and general cleaning.

“Therefore, we the understanding Club owners and administrators formally register our displeasure and communicate to you our inability to honour matches that are scheduled to be played at 10 am until meaningful dialogues are held, regarding the match kick-off time,” says the Statement read by She Corporate CEO Mathias Kakuru.

The Clubs however indicate they are ready and willing to play games at 4 pm as FUFA gets a suitable time to confer with club stakeholders to get at a neutral ground.

Additionally, the Club owners want the introduction of FUFA TV as the official broadcaster of the Women’s Super League examined, asserting that it is an interference in the League.

A decision was made to bar the outside broadcast van from accessing match-day premises since the Clubs have no obligation to FUFA TV, which is a subsidiary of FUFA.

At the Moment, Kampala Queens which is owned by Fufa President Eng. Moses Magogo remains the only team in the league.

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