Reconciliation: FEASSSA boss and also FUFA first vice president Justus Mugisha restores peace and harmony amongst UNF administrators

Tension and the recently escalated cold war amongst Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) executive members seems to have come to an end after a reconciliation meeting between the two factions.

The reconciliation meeting held on Tuesday 8th February at USSSA head office, Mengo in Kampala was chaired by Federation of East African Secondary Schools Sports Associations (FEASSSA) who is also the first vice president of Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) Justus Mugisha.

“Following the reconciliation meeting held on the 8th of February 2022 at USSSA head office at Mengo, under the chairmanship of Mugisha Justus and that has been attended by Hon. Babirye Sarah, Muhumuza Richard, Aminah Monday, Ssengabi Yahaya.

That Hajjat Kibedi Nambuusi was absent with apology, the parties have reconciled and agreed to resolve further issues using internal structures of the federation”. Party reads the released document after the meeting.

Mugisha is a senior sports administrator and an educationist who is the proprietor of the Standard Junior and High Schools.

With a wide range of knowledge and experience in administration, Mugisha, a senior sports administrator and an educationist who is the proprietor of the Standard Junior and High Schools was undoubtedly a favorite candidate to settle the flaring internal “Cold war amongst UNF administrators.

As the FEASSSA president and Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association (USSSA) Vice president, Mugisha knows the importance of harmony and stability in UNF and his in put for peace and harmony is of great purpose to secondary schools games in the country.

Netball is one of the most famous sports onto USSSA and the FEASSSA Championships which can’t miss onto the menu card.

Since 2002, there hasn’t been any other champion school from outside Uganda in the FEASSSA Championship which greatly contributes to Uganda’s overall rank in the schools regional pinnacle games.

There has been an internal and external conflict within UNF since late November manifesting from a wide range of issues.

Two of the top executive members; Richard Muhumuza (Vice president technical) and Aminah Monday (General Secretary) have since been banned for taking the sport’s matters to courts of law which is contrary to the UNF constitution and the publicity secretary Yahaya Ssengabi suspended for misconduct from the federation management.

However, UNF president Sarah Babirye Kityo has of recent pointed her finger onto National Council of Sports (NCS) general secretary Dr. Bernard Ogwel as the architect of all antagonism prevailing now.

Kityo confidently asserts that Ogwel, Suzan Anek have since connived with Richard Muhumuza the banned Vice president technical, Hamza Katende, Aminah Mande (banned secretary), Yahaya Ssengabi (suspended publicity secretary) and a few others to overthrow her using external funders, the South Africa netball federation president Cecilia Molokwane.

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