Nile Breweries, PAU in a one billion partnership

As the national Open Pool Championship sets to cue off in July and grand finale is slated for 16th November, 2024,

Nile Breweries Limited has announced a two year partnership with the Pool Association of Uganda (PAU) to boost the competition.

The development is an extension of the most recent partnership of 2023, following the last partnership that had ended in 2018.

Valued at UGX 1 Billion, the partnership marks a major investment in the development of Pool, covering both the prestigious National Open championship and the National League for both Men and Women.

This new marriage will see PAU collect over 523 millions each year for two years.

In 2018, Nile Breweries and PAU started this marriage signing a 400 million for National Open. They later returned in 2023 when they sponsored National Open Championship with 300 million.

“We are incredibly excited to continue our long-standing partnership with the Pool Association of Uganda”. Douglas Kalema, the NBL Trade Marketing Executive said.

 “Nile Special recognizes the immense potential of Ugandan pool and the exceptional talent of its players.

We are confident that this investment will not only elevate the national open and national league but will also empower both players and clubs”. He added.

The winners of the National Open Championship will scoop a brand new car and a cash prize of five million shillings for men and three millions for women courtesy of main sponsors Nile Special.

The PAU chairman, Bob Trubish thanked Nile Special for the huge support towards the Pool Association of Uganda

“This partnership with Nile Special is a landmark achievement for Ugandan pool. Nile Breweries’ substantial investment will have a profound impact on the sport. The financial support, along with innovative initiatives like club facilitation and live streaming, will create a more vibrant and competitive environment for our players.” Said Trubish.

The national league will cue off on 11th July (men league), the commence of women league is 21st the same month and the first round will climax on 29th September.

The league will resume for second round on 21st and 23rd November for men and women respectively, the climax is on 19th and 18th January 2025 respectively before the awarding ceremony comes on 31st January.

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