Holders Ngoonge, Kakoboza, Mbogo, Ngabi, four others reach quarter-finals

Bika bya’Baganda football competition hits quarter-final stage after a successful climax of group stage.

Ngoonge, Mmamba Kakoboza, Mpindi, Omutima Omussagi, Mbogo, Ngeye, Ngabi Nsamba, Nkima are the qualified teams.

Defending champions Ngoonge stormed quarter-final stage at the ongoing Bika bya’Baganda football competition after their 1-0 win over Nvuma in the final group stage match-day.

Played at Kawanda Secondary on Sunday the 26th May, Richard Ssoonko scored the only goal of the game to inspire holders storm last eight (8) stage.

Ngoonge garnered seven (7) points to lead group A. Mmamba Kakoboza who won 2-1 against Lugave advanced as the second in the group on 4 points.

Brian Muluuli and Warren Buule were on score sheet for Kakoboza at Kabaka Kyabaggu Stadium in Wakiso.

Brian Nkuubi scored for Lugave as their journey hit an end.

At the same venue, Mpindi won 2-0 against Nnyonyi Nyange to advance to knockout.

Left fullback Brian Majwega and Yusuf Ssaka were on target for the wasteful Mpindi.

Mpindi led Group B with seven points, one more than Omutima Omussagi who finished second on six.

On the final day, Omutima Omussagi won 2-0 against Kasimba. Junior Lussagi and Sudaice Mutale scored the two goals.

Following a no-show Ndiisa for the second time, qualified for quarter-finals. They led group C with seven (7) points.

Ngeye were group C runners up on 5 points. In their last group game, Ngeye played for an all-1 draw with Njaza.

Pacy forward Charles Ssebutinde and Ivan Kalyowa scored for Ngeye and Njaza respectively.

It was a 0-0 draw between Ngabi Nsamba and Nkima Kabaka Kyabaggu Stadium that saw both tied on five points top group D as one and two respectively.

However, the draw was seen as a indicated move to leapfrog Nte who only ended on four points.

Nte won 2-0 against Nseenene at Kawanda. Peter Lwasa scored a brace for Nte.

Qualified teams

Ngoonge, Mmamba Kakoboza, Mpindi, Omutima Omussagi, Mbogo, Ngeye, Ngabi Nsamba, Nkima

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