GFA set to build a stadium at Ghanaman Soccer Centre of Excellence

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) is planning to commence the construction of a stadium at the Ghanaman Soccer Centre of Excellence later this year.
This has been disclosed by Mrs. Winifred Mawudeku who is the Director of the Centre.
Speaking to the media team of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Mrs. Winifred Mawudeku said the Ghana FA plans to put up additional facilities at the centre.
“The GFA has a major plan for this center and it is to first of all secure the land then we can build a lot more facilities,” Mawudeku said.
“We are hoping that towards the middle part of this year we are going to start building a sports stadium here, we are going to build a basketball court here, we are going to complete the beach soccer pitch, we are building two of them and we are going to build a lot more football pitches,” she added.
She continued, “There are a lot of activities that’s going to go on within this period going forward and we are hoping that grace and money will come so that we able to do that.”
Mrs. Winifred Mawudeku further disclosed that the Ghanaman Centre of Excellence will soon receive a major facelift.

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