The narrative of Uganda’s amateur boxing since 2018 in the face of UBF president Muhangi

The history of boxing in Uganda is a testament of a desired dream, a spirit of a generations kept alive amidst a host of challenges over decades.

Uganda is one of the countries where boxing is not just a sport but a lifeline, a dream, and a means of expression.

Since the inception of boxing and it’s governing body in the 50s, Uganda’s boxing prime time came in 1970s to late 90s.

Since then, the boxing fraternity has always been in a very sorry state. However, the facelift gradually started in 2018 bringing about a sounding current brand.

On 20th January 2018, Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF) general assembly ushered in Moses Muhangi as president.

Creating stability, solving administration challenges, creating more competitions and building a strong brand has seen the sports go great distance to restore hope.

In and exclusive interview with this website, UBF president Moses Muhangi’s vision for the Boxing champions league seems to carry the country’s future.

“We have been building the product for the last two years and this is the third year.

From the beginning, we have been very clear;

Firstly, to create the presence of boxing in the country. Surely, we have realized this. Boxing was not present as it is today.

We were able to sit with our stakeholders and they understood the project. Currently everyone can attest to it, the mileage boxing had three years ago its not the same as today.

No sport can grow unless it is present. We are currently more present than we were before, we are penetrating new markets. Fans in the champions league come from across the entire sports sector”. Muhangi.

Muhangi further lauded the project for developing a variety of boxer who in the process have turned into house hold stars.

“Before it wasn’t possible to have novice boxers and public influencers like artists, football stars, politician, socialites among others coming through for a night purposely for boxing.

Because of the champions league product, we are now being accepted where we were rejected before”.

He (Muhangi) further believes the Boxing champions league has steamed up the competition amongst boxers.

“This product has also given birth to healthy competition amongst the boxers themselves and brought about the birth of new crop/generation of super talents. Before we used to talk about few names of elite boxers, today we have made many stars.

This platform has given so many boxers a chance to showcase their craft and now we have a wide crop not a small group like before”.

Over the years, uganda has amassed 35 Commonwealth medals, composed of eight Gold, 10 Silver, and 17 Bronze medals.

However, the success draught at big stages continue to witch hunt Uganda.

“We are yet to win the gold medals from big stages like Africa Games, World Boxing Championship, Olympics and Commonwealth but we are getting closer everyday because the options are so many”.

When asked about the commercial returns of the sport to the Federation, boxers and the public, Muhangi said, “Before boxing wasn’t commercial but we have created an opportunity to attract revenue.

Boxing tourneys used to be for eight days and free entrance but right now this product goes for more than 14 weekends. Now NBS Sport came through for a partnership. They give us another extended audience that watch from home.

We had 2000 funs over the weekend in the Arena but more than 5 million people were watching every moment on TV.

This means the audience is growing and the understanding of the game will eventually be realized.

This has given us chance to attack market for sponsorships. Before we had about between 500-2000 people who knew about boxing, but now we talk about millions.

Currently we are negotiating with over ten potential sponsors.

First year, second year they were trying to proof the concept, at this stage, there is no more to prove.

I’m thankful to our very first sponsors Sting for the trust. They have seen value and renewed for more two years”.

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