The speaker of the parliament of Uganda Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga hailed the strategic direction taken by the Union of Uganda Sports Federations and Associations (UUSFA) towards the sector’s development and growth.

The newly formed UUSFA members met with the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga Monday 8th February 2021 to discuss sports development strategies and finding long lasting challenges of the sector.

Formed on 10th December 2020 with an aim to have a united voice as federations to advocate for Sports development in the country, UUSFA has positively moved along their objective meeting the deciding authorities as their first obligation to highlight them about their motive.

At the meeting, the union presented a number of ideas, all aiming at making the sports sector better.
“Our major aim as UUSFA is to solve the problem of dangerous youth idleness and Unemployment by accommodating them into the sports sector which can absorb them massively and quickly.
This will come true as Uganda sports revolve from a mere fun, enjoyment and winning medals but to more importantly into a national peace, unity, patriotism and development leading sector.
Sports funds will now be used for more foresighted purposes such as first developing our home before yearning almost exclusively for mostly foreign trips as these leave our home country underdeveloped while enriching already developed countries.
The Federations’ development master plan which involve first setting up offices, secretariats, permanent or semi-permanent training venues, training camps, equipment, competitions and national team salaries then later the plan will change to commercialization of sports for further growth and self-sustainability in the country.
The urgent need to increase the extremely low sports budget and also create the funding policy that will guide the entire sports sector on where and how sports funds should be utilized to achieve the best impact.
The need to eliminate the priority and non-priority distortion currently in our sports sector as it destroying the lives and careers of all athletes and coaches in the sports now labeled as a non-priority to this country.
Admiration for the wonderful spirit and direction that our Minister Hon. Hamson Obua has thus far taken by embracing UUSFA and seeing its potential to advocate for better sports development in liaison with other government bodies like NCS, MOES and UOC.
Assistance with discussions, repeal and amendment of the obsolete 1964 sports act so that sports can tap financing from the private sector and also commercialize better under enabling laws.”

The meeting with the speaker came shortly after UUSFA met the State Minister for sports, Hon. Hamson Obua on 2nd February where similar sports advocacies were presented to him.
The speaker applauded the sports federations for coming together with a common voice and cause and, promised to present the ideas to floor of Parliament.
“I’m grateful that sports federations have now united with a common voice and cause unlike in the past when I received too many different groups“
“There is need for a private members bill to fast track the amendment of the sports act of 1964. The amendment will help you fulfill your good development ideas for the sector.
I pledge to inform the concerned committees of Parliament to take up the UUSFA requests and resolve them as pleaded by UUSFA. Count on parliament to help Ugandan sports attain better support for better development”

UUSFA met the Kadaga without it’s interim principal who is also the Uganda Boxing Federation president Moses Muhang who was on official duties in concluded African Boxing Confederate forum in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

UUSFA members who attended.
Mwebesa Harry – Kickboxing (Head of Delegation)
Jjagwe Robert – Table Tennis (Interim Sec. Gen)
Annie Mungoma – Shooting
Bamuteeze Thomas – Rollball
Mwaka Emmanuel – Chess
Ruparelia Devesh Babulal – Motor Sports
Nashimolo Michael – Hockey
Kawooya Micheal Raymond – Squash
Kinsambwe Arnold Lawrence – Netball
Makanda Jaffari Ibrahim – Lacrosse
Mujuni Edgar – Kabadi

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