FUFA fines Asan Kasingye 2.5 million for misconduct

Derrick Ochan’s red card against Vipers SC is continuing to cause controversies after FUFA’s decision to fine Police FC chairman Asan Kasingye.

Ochan was shown a red card against Vipers SC on February 19th for handling the ball outside the area which sparked furious reaction from Kasingye.

He is now fined an amount of 2.5 million shillings and a six-month ban from all football-related activities both nationally and internationally.

“The Fufa ethics and the disciplinary committee has sanctioned Police FC chairman Asan Kasingye for violating Article 39(2) of the Fufa ethics code which provides that; persons bound by this code are forbidden from making any public statements of a defamatory nature towards Fufa and /or towards any other person bound by this code in the context of Fufa events,” the statement from FUFA reads.

“Kasingye is sanctioned with; a minimum fine of Ush 2.5M [Two million five hundred thousand Uganda shillings only] under Article 39 (3) and Article 40 (2) of the Fufa ethics code. The fine must be paid within thirty (30) days from receipt of the decision.”

“An automatic six-month ban from all football-related activities both nationally and internationally to be served in the event that Kasingye commits any other specified unethical conduct against match officials or club officials or in case he fails to furnish proof of payment of the fine.”

Kasingye’s fine comes in time when FUFA also banned referee Juma Osire for a period of one month.

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