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Chapter closed: PAU chairman Bob Trubish donates 23 million to settle the 2018 Betway league dues to club and individual winners

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Over the weekend, the Pool Association of Uganda (PAU) held it’s 18th Annual General Meeting at Nob View Hotel, Ntinda in Kampala.

During this assembly, PAU Chairman Bob Trubish donated UGX. 23 million to the Association to settle all clubs and individuals for the outstanding prize dues of the 2018 Betway Pool Leagues.

After the Assembly, Chairman Bob Trubish donated UGX. 23 million to the Association to help pay all clubs and individuals for the outstanding dues for the 2018 Betway Pool Leagues.

It should be remembered that the 2018 Betway league winners and outstanding performers were not rewarded after a misappropriation of money off the PAU account funds by the then treasurer Oscar Ocakacon Which created a long lived split and antagonism amongst the Association members.

It’s alleged Oscar Ocakacon was misguided to pay a middleman in a sponsorship deal which eventually failed to materialize.

Since then (2018), PAU has therefore been owing money to the winning clubs and individuals. After 3 years now, the chairman decided to close the chapter to clear the mess and donated the money to the association.

The assembly also resolved to become a federation which will give birth to the formation of member associations allover the country under the new federation.

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In this move, PAU will change name to Federation of Billiards Sports Associations of Uganda.

Under the new federated organization, different Pool diversities Chinese Pool, 8 Ball, 9 Ball and Snooker will be and to Black Ball that had enjoyed the monopoly in the sport for a while.

The delegates also passed the 2021, and the 2018-2020 audit reports. Clean 2018-2020 books of accounts were realized following Bob Trubish’s Donation.

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